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Navigating Difficult Relationships

Relationship Counselling Maple Ridge and Metro Vancouver

Strained Relationships Affect Our Mental Health

Our personal relationships are fundamental in our health and happiness in life yet many of us struggle with tension and conflict with those we are closest with. The suffering we feel when our relationships are strained can be very debilitating and have far reaching effects on our other areas of life such as work, school, and health. When we recognize there is more hurt than love in a relationship it is time to examine the sources of conflict and ask the questions to illicit clarity around what to do next.

How Counselling Helps With Relationship Issues

Self awareness and self growth are at the heart of getting the most out of our relationships. In counselling for relationships, it is first important to get clear on what is important to us and the needs that we require out of our relationships so that we can be clear about our goals.

While couples counselling is very helpful for improving the communication skills and developing new patterns in the relational system, the old adage that you can cannot change another person, but only change yourself remains to be true. Therefore, it is equally important to look at ourselves and our own habits and triggers. It is important to understand the why behind our choices and tendencies, and to get clear on what are needs are and how to assess if these needs can be met in the relationship.

Therapy Approaches for Relationship Issues

Practical skill building such as assertiveness training and clear communication skills are necessary to maintain or develop respectful, flourishing relationships. Emotionally focused therapy combined with cognitive behavioural therapy are effective in helping gain insight into how emotions influence behaviours and thoughts. Somatic approaches can illicit understanding of protective or defensive tendencies and bridge us towards deeper understanding of our own boundaries and self-worth in a relationship.