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A Safe Space for Your Growth, Healing and Personal Empowerment

Individual counselling appointments with a holistic focus in Maple Ridge, BC.

Sometimes the struggles outweigh the harmony and we lose our way. It is during these challenging, emotional times in life that we need a safe space to process and connect to ourselves for better clarity, healing, and change. My hope is to help you find your inner voice and strength again, and to feel empowered towards fuller potential in your life.

At In Balance Health Counselling you will be welcomed with deep respect, acceptance, and genuine connection as you navigate life’s challenges and personal problems.

Reach out and get the support you need to…

Assist you in navigating life transitions, illness, and self-esteem issues

Recover from grief and loss

Find relief from stress, anxiety, or depression

Develop and keep meaningful, nurturing relationships

Feel whole again after traumatic events in your life

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May 16, 2024

The Perfectionism Trap: How Striving for Perfect Takes a Toll on Our Health and Well-being

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The Opposite of Anxiety is Part of the Solution

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December 13, 2023

The Vicious Cycle of Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem isn't just a fleeting feeling of insecurity; it can become deeply ingrained, affecting our thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and relationships. At its core, it's a perception we hold about…